Because when you know exactly what to say when the voices of fear, doubt, & worthlessness come into your head, they lose all their power.

Remember the most important relationship you have is with YOU.  And a great relationship with yourself leads to great relationship with everyone and everything in your life.

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Melissa: Mother, Activist, Wife

"Isaac truly listens, and he listens without judgment. He creates a safe space to open up and share with him. 

He sees people for who they are inside, rather than putting them in a box and defining them based on superficial things that have more to do with their life circumstances. He provides insight that is more constructive and useful than people are used to receiving."

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Catherene: Women's Empowerment Consultant, Mother, Wife, 

"Isaac offers a unique balance of modalities and a deeply personal connection. I am often astonished by his approach to this dialogue as it honors the narrative of my life, history and struggles yet gives me a sanctuary where I can step back and reflect with a wise and loving teacher."

Hi, I'm Isaac...

My passion is helping people become the people they truly want to be. When we are living our best, most authentic selves, we are happier, healthier, and more alive.

A meaningful and happy life is all about your relationships, and that starts with your relationship with yourself.

Love, Fear, and Chocolate came from watching so many of you struggle with identity and relationship.

The struggle with being who you want to be and not just the person you were taught to be, believed you had to be, or have always been.

It is a struggle to feel connected and not alone, a struggle with the forces of doubt, fear, judgment, and worthlessness.  Ultimately it is a struggle to feel seen, heard, and valued - to feel like you matter.  

Love, fear, and chocolate is about helping you deeply and profoundly understand

  • What lights you up

  • What shuts you down

  • Where and How you can find comfort to get through it

I don't believe in a one-size fits all cookie-cutter formula. Every life is unique and special.

In my work as a Narrative Marriage & Family Therapist and Identity & Relationship Architect, I've spent the last 10 years working with people like you.  And I know that it doesn't have to be this way, it can be so much better.

This is the place for you.  Now is the time to start.


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Kevin: President, Technology Specialist, Business Owner, Father, Husband

"Isaac has the gift of being able to see situations clearly and objectively. Combined with a strong and well-formed understanding of human nature, he is able to guide clients toward their goals.
I highly recommend working with him."

Karyn: Single Mother of 2, Life-Coach

"Because he does not hide his vulnerability Isaac is even more effective as a relationship architect.."



The one where doubt, fear, and worthless try to convince you that you can't!

Instead have the one where you are crystal clear about what lights you up, what shuts you down, how you find comfort, and where you know that understanding yourself makes you a better partner, parent, co-worker, friend, and person.

The one where you know exactly what you want and how to get it.

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